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Learn & Explore Through Play

At St James Christian Schools, we are dedicated to creating a nurturing, stimulating and welcoming environment which fosters a child's mental, social, emotional, and physical growth.

Our play-based curriculum allows children to learn the skills they need in a structured environment with the help and supervision of an experienced teacher who knows how to take interests and experiences and turn them into learning moments.

During Covid-19, we are taking extra steps to keep our children, families and staff safe. Contact us to hear about our Covid protocols and get more information.


100 Gold Stars for St. James Christian Schools!  Both my daughters are currently at St. James and have been there from the Pre-School Program through to the School Age Program.

Our daughters have always loved the school and the comfort of the smaller tight community it provides.  They have made friends for life at the school and some teachers who they consider to be like family.

It’s our girls home-away-from-home and we are so grateful that they have always had a safe place to be after a long day at Roosevelt.  The van pick up and drop off has also been such a life saver for us as two full time working parents.  The school always has a wonderful mix of the perfect class pets available for the kids to interact with and the teachers are great at teaching the kids about respecting not only their classmates but also the littlest critters.

We love our St. James teachers, kids and community. We highly recommend St. James.

-Angela M.


As an alumni of St. James Pre-school (Class of 89) when we started looking for a pre-school for our own son, the choice seemed obvious to check out St. James. We visited other schools in the area and didn’t feel the same sort of nurturing and warm environment as we found at St. James. Our oldest son started 3 days after his second birthday and that nurturing environment is exactly what we were looking for given his age and having been cared for by Grandma and Grandpa prior to starting school. The transition was seamless and Ms. Tina was amazing with him. Potty training was a breeze between Ms. Tina’s guidance and the “peer pressure” of seeing other students use the toilet. Pre-school and Pre-k with Ms. Kelly were amazing with the play based learning method, learning came easy and included, chapel, learning to recognize sight words and write the letters and alphabet and even basic Spanish. Our son easily transitioned to kindergarten this year and recently tested at 2nd grade level, which we attribute to the great foundation he received during his 3 years at St. James. He is always happy to return to St. James during school vacations where he is a part of the School Age program.

Our younger son started in September in the two’s program and instantly our friends and family started commenting on how much his vocabulary had grown in such a short amount of time, he is also potty trained well before his third birthday and we didn’t even consider any other schools for him. He loves the teachers and is happy to be at school. We are so lucky to have our boys in a loving, nurturing environment. St James has been instrumental in teaching our boys academically but also spiritually (chapel), socially (respecting adults, classmates, and animals), and environmentally (recycling). We couldn't be happier with our experience at St. James. 

-Nicole C.

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